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April 4th, 2006

And here comes my second podcast! This one is a review and some ranting about ICON 25, the convention I attended with my family on March 24th - 26th 2006. ICON was the first SF convention I went to way back when I was in my early 20's. I got pretty carried away with this podcast, it logs in at 50 minutes which is way too long for a podcast. Those pesky umms and ahhs are all over the place as well but since it took almost a month to get a second podcast online I figured I should just stop fiddling with the file and upload it. So maybe it would run better if I edit out all the words that begin with "th" or cut out the term "Well Spoken!" Then again every MP3 player, or IPOD or HD based MP3 player (Like my wonderful Archos player/recorder) has a fast forward button.

A few things I forgot to include in the podcast is the fact that every volunteer at ICON puts in long hours for no pay and it's a huge undertaking. I think everyone understands that, especially me so when I critique this convention please remember that my goal is to improve the convention by pointing out it's flaws. If I got personal anywhere it's when I was lectured during the media guest talks. The other omission is the Children's programming which my daughter attended on Sunday and really enjoyed. The downside was Children's programming needs to be closer to the main function areas of the convention, the ISC. Okay! Enjoy the podcast!

Captain Phil's Podcast April 4th, 2006 Part One

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