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airs on Fridays at 11:30 PM on WUSB, 90.1 FM, the radio station of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Hundreds of writers, artists, editors, actors, producers, directors, and musicians have appeared on the program since its debut in April, 1983. Regular features include: the Destinies Audiobook Sampler, Soundtrack Spotlight, Graphic Detail, the Destinies Radio Theater, Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthuhlu," poetry by Christina M. Rau, the Destinies Film Review Team, and convention updates and highlights, as well as host Dr. Howard Margolin's flawless interviews.

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June 21, 2024 "Graphic Detail" # 240: Part one of an exclusive two-part interview with artist Zeea Adams. A colorist, a cartoonist, and the daughter of the late, legendary Neal Adams, Zeea talks about her father's legacy, how she developed her particular artistic talent, her work on the "Astonishing X-Men: Gifted" motion comic, why she became known as Continuity Associates "Boom Girl," and her fondness for Betty Boop. Katharine McPhee performs a "Something to Shout About" from the upcoming Broadway musical "Betty Boop." And, learn the final set of nominees for the 2024 Hugo Awards.

Take the TARDIS to hear all the Destinies episodes including the July 26, 1996 episode featuring the Jon Pertwee Memorial Special Part 2

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June 14, 2024 Live discussion of the book The Companions of Doctor Who with co-editors David Bushman (making his 3rd appearance, via telephone) and Ken Deep (in-studio). From the first companion, the Doctor's grand-daughter Susan, played by Carole Ann Ford, to Catherine Tate's Donna Noble, companion to David Tennant's tenth and fourteenth Doctors, learn about the many men and women who have travelled with the Time Lord since 1963, in a series of essays written by long-time fans, scientists, Hollywood professionals, and even a few actors from the series. Plus, selections from Murray Gold's score for "Doctor Who" season 2.


Take the TARDIS to hear all the Destinies episodes including the July 19, 1996 episode featuring the Jon Pertwee Memorial Special Part 1

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June 7, 2024 In an extra-length show, return to Stony Brook's Student Activities Center auditorium on the evening of March 31st, 2012, as anime voice actress Kristen Nelson performs at the I-Con 31 Cabaret, including a song from The Devil's Carnival. Then, the Destinies Radio Theater celebrates the 40th anniversary of Gremlins with an adaptation of the film. When Billy Peltzer breaks the three rules for owning a Mogwai, will he, his girlfriend, Kate, and his pet Gizmo be able to stop their town of Kingston Falls from being overrun by a horde of Gremlins? In memory of writer/actor/director/producer Roger Corman (4/5/26-5/9/24), an encore presentation of a press conference with him conducted by Howard Margolin and Tony Tellado of "Sci-Fi Talk" at I-Con 26, where Corman received the Iconosphere Award. Also, learn the next set of nominees for the 2024 Hugo Awards.

May 31, 2024 Saluting the 40th anniversary of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock by presenting an exclusive interview with Robin Curtis, who played Lt. Saavik. In a conversation recorded on the Suffolk County set of Dave Campfield's upcoming film Awaken the Reaper, Robin talks about her start as an actress, why she gave up acting to go into selling real estate full time, and why she came out of retirement to play the role of Connie in the new movie. She also talks about working in horror films and genre television in the 1980s and '90s, and whether she would be interested in reviving the role of Saavik in one of the modern-era or future Star Trek productions.

May 24, 2024 In memory of composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (4/29/53-5/21/24), the Destinies Soundtrack Spotlight shines on his Oscar-winning score for 2004's Finding Neverland. The Destinies Radio Theater marks the 40th anniversary of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with an adaptation of the movie featuring music by John Williams from the original film soundtrack. Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthulhu" answers a letter from an angry man whose life sucks. What kind of advice will the elder god give? Christina M. Rau reads her poem "The Encantada." And learn the first set of nominees for this year's Hugo Awards.


May 17, 2024 In 2022, the legendary musical satirist Tom Lehrer made his entire catalogue open to the public domain. Recently, the members of the Funny Music Project, or the FuMP, released a tribute album containing their versions of 25 of Lehrer's classic songs. On this extra-length show, comedy rap artist and producer Devo Spice returns for his 8th live appearance, to discuss and introduce selections from "The FuMP Desecrates Tom Lehrer." You'll find out how the artists chose their songs, and why some decided to update the lyrics. You'll learn about Devo Spice's latest solo album, and the ongoing new additions to the FuMP's output. And, you'll hear adaptations of Tom Lehrer's songs by The Consortium of Genius, Worm Quartet, the Great Luke Ski, Robbie Ellis, Lauren Mayer, Tom Smith, and Devo Spice, as well as a previously unreleased song by Tom Lehrer himself.

May 10, 2024 Recently, Stony Brook University's Campus Life Center issued evacuation orders to several of Stony Brook's long-running clubs, including Animated Perspectives, Smash Bros., LGBT+ Alliance, and the Science Fiction Forum. With the exception of the Forum, which has been granted an additional semester for logistical reasons, the other organizations have been told to vacate their current offices by December, 2024. In this special live broadcast, the presidents of these groups, Sam Haviland and Chris Shamah from the Forum, Divine from A.P., and Thoren from LGBT+ join host Howard Margolin in the WUSB studio to discuss the situation. Why did the University decide to not allow clubs to have office space after 56 years, since the founding of the Forum, the University's oldest club? What will this mean for the future of the organizations? Has the University said what they plan to do with the vacated offices? And what can concerned alumni do to show their support for the groups?

May 3, 2024 Destinies begins its 42nd year by taking you back to the start of the I-Con 31 Cabaret. Travel to Stony Brook University's Student Activities Center Auditorium on the evening of March 31st, 2012, for a full-length performance by Marc Gunn. Accompanying himself on the autoharp, the man known as the Celtfather tells why he's "Kilted for Her Pleasure," and performs a set of drinking songs inspired by the Lord of the Rings, a zombie love song, a twisted lullaby, the "Psychopathic, Chronic, Schizophrenic Gollum Blues," and his take on David Seville's classic "Witch Doctor."

April 26, 2024 Destinies celebrates its 41st anniversary with a one-hour special, looking back at the past year of the show, with a blend of the best material of the past year, as well as all-new features. You'll hear encore readings by authors Patrick Thomas and J. H. Nadler; never-before-aired music from Angelo Panetta, Insensate Machine, and Marco Beltrami; the reasons why the Blue Beetle movie epitomized "Super-hero Fatigue," plus host Howard Margolin's duet with actress Sophie Aldred, and composer Mason Williams and harpist Deborah Henson-Conant teaming up for the annual variation on "Classical Gas." Christina M. Rau reads her Wonder Woman-inspired poem "Hubris." Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthulhu" answers a letter from a man who has a strange definition of the word "bibliophile." And learn how you can receive your choice of 325 different Destinies exclusive premiums for your pledge of support during this Spring Radiothon special.

​Destinies Reunion at Stony Brook Science Fiction Forum's 55th Anniversary celebration. L-R: John Sheehan, Dave (DK) Kingsley, Colleen Skadl, Audrey Dettmering, Russ Skadl, Howard Margolin, Jennifer Adams, Jim Prego, Dominick Santoriello, Gary Halada, Kevin (Doc) Conod, Bill Burns.

April 19, 2024 Honoring the memory of the late actor Louis Gossett, Jr. with an exclusive live show. Dave Campfield, director of the upcoming horror film Awaken the Reaper is joined by the movie's co-producer Bob Brennan, to remember the Oscar-winner, whose last on-camera performance will be seen in the role of Dr. Benjamin Locke. How did Bob first meet Louis? Was the part of Dr. Locke written specifically for Gossett? What was involved in filming his scenes for the movie? What was it about the script that made the veteran of 67 years in film and television interested in the part? And, when will the film be released?

April 12, 2024 Destinies welcomes back Robin Esterhammer, producer of Perseverance Records, for his eighth live interview. The head of one of the few independent record labels specializing in the release of rare film soundtracks makes his return to discuss and introduces selections from his company's latest album, "Who Wants to Live Forever? Forsaken Themes From Fantastic Films Volume 2." You'll hear selections from Michael Kamen's classic score for Highlander, Charles Bernstein's unused score for The Serpent and the Rainbow, Phantoms by David Williams, Dragon Soldiers by Edwin Wendler, and Resident Evil by Stony Brook native and Emmy Award winner Marco Beltrami. Plus, you'll learn about Perseverance's Kickstarter campaign for the funding of a project to re-record some early scores and symphonic works by the late composer James Horner.


April 5, 2024 Honoring the memory of screenwriter and producer Tracy Torme, who died of complications of diabetes at the age of 64 on January 4th, 2024.Travel back to 1988, where, at the Creation Convention in Manhattan, host Howard Margolin conducted an exclusive interview with Tracy Torme, who was then a writer and executive story editor for Star Trek: The Next Generation, which had just completed its first season. You'll learn how Torme got involved with The Next Generation, including his original ideas for the controversial episode "Conspiracy." You'll hear how his life-long interest in UFO's led to his work on the TV special "UFO Cover-up: Live" and the feature film Fire in the Sky, which finally reached theaters in 1993. And, you'll find out how you can receive your choice of over 325 different Destinies exclusive premiums for your pledge of support during this Spring Radiothon Special. Click on the picture of the microphone above to view the list.

March 29th, 2024 Destinies is pre-empted by the WUSB Student Takeover

March 22, 2024 Return to I-Con in the Park, on the afternoon of June 24th, 2023, where, at a picnic table in Bethpage State Park, authors Keith R.A. DeCandido (making his record-breaking 30th appearance), Patrick Thomas (16th), Drew Henriksen (7th), and Roy Mauritsen (6th) join host Howard Margolin for part 2 of Destinies' I-Con Writers Reunion. The I-Con veterans remember guests who are no longer with us and discuss what they would like to see in a revived version of I-Con. Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthulhu" answers a letter from a woman whose mother is a real cat burglar. And, in honor of William Shatner's 93rd birthday, you'll hear the title track from his 1968 album "The Transformed Man."

March 15, 2024 Host Howard Margolin celebrates his 40th anniversary with Destinies by taking you to Bethpage State Park on the afternoon of June 24, 2023 for part one of Destinies' I-Con Writers Reunion. In perhaps the most unique panel discussion in the history of the program, four of the authors who frequently attended the convention, which held 32 events between 1982 and 2017, gather around a picnic table to reminisce about what was once the Northeast's largest convention of science fiction, fact, and fantasy. Keith R.A. DeCandido, making his record-tying 29th appearance; Patrick Thomas, making his 15th; Drew Henriksen, making his 6th; and Roy Mauritsen, making his 5th, share memories and anecdotes at I-Con in the Park.

March 8, 2024 The Destinies Film Review Fremen (Howard Margolin, Audrey Dettmering, Dave Campfield, Justin Paul, and by proxy, Timothy Gillespie) ride in for a live discussion of Dune Part 2. Learn how extending this part of the story to 2 hours and 46 minutes compares to what the 1984 version of Dune handled in only 40 minutes. Is Timothee Chalamet's Paul Maud'Dib more believable and relatable than the actors that have played him previously? How is the chemistry between him and Zendaya's Chani? Given the time and technology since the last time Dune was adapted, in 2000, does the planet itself, including the Sandworms, come across convincingly? How does Austin Butler's Feyd-Rautha compare with Sting's? Which actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are transplanted to Dune? And, what is this movie worth on the Famous Destinies $0.00-$9.50 Rating Scale?

March 1, 2024 Saluting the release of Dune Part 2, the Destinies Soundtrack Spotlight shines on Graeme Revell's score for the Sci-Fi Channel Mini-Series Frank Herbert's Dune. Hear the story of how Paul Atreides came to be known as Maud'Dib, and lead the Fremen revolution against the Harkonnens and the Emperor of the Known Universe as the Destinies Radio Theater presents "Dune Part 2: Attack of the Giant Sandworms," adapted from the 1984 film version. And, as Women's History Month begins, Christina M. Rau reads her Wonder Woman-inspired poem "Woman on a Loop."


February 23, 2024 The Destinies Film Review Team (Howard Margolin, Audrey Dettmering, Dave Campfield, Timothy Gillespie, and Natalie Voltz), crawls in for a live review of "Madame Web." Does the film accurately reflect even an approximation of the numerous Spider-Man-adjacent characters and situations? Is Dakota Johnson's Cassie Webb likeable, and will anyone care about her character's arc? Who are the three teenage girls destined to become Spider-Women in their own right, and how do they fit into the story? Is Tahir Rahim's Ezekial Sims a compelling villain, or another one-dimensional whiner? And, what is this movie worth on the newly-expanded Destinies zero to $9.50 rating scale?

February 16, 2024 An exclusive update interview with Paul McGann, recorded at the 2023 Long Island Doctor Who convention. Returning to Destinies for the first time since 2012, the actor who played the 8th Doctor talks about getting his regeneration sequence in 2013's "Night of the Doctor," why, as we learned in "Power of the Doctor," he doesn't "do robes," whether it is more complicated to learn the Doctor's technospeak or actual medical jargon while playing a neurosurgeon on the BBC's "Holby City," and much more. Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthulhu" answers another letter from the man whose girlfriend cheated on him with a sex robot. Christina M. Rau reads her poem "On Second Thought." And, the Destinies Soundtrack Spotlight shines on William Allen's score for the 8th Doctor Big Finish Audio Adventure "Minuet in Hell."

February 9, 2024 Return to the 2023 Long Island Doctor Who convention for an exclusive interview with Gary Russell, writer and script editor for Doctor Who, and one of the founders of Big Finish Productions. Learn how Big Finish got started, and how the company was able to bring the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Doctors back to continue their adventures in audio form, starting in 1999 and continuing until today. Get an inside look at Big Finish's recording process. Find out why the Doctors' companions comprise both original series actors as well as all-new characters. And hear about what Gary has done in both television and prose since leaving Big Finish, including his novelization of one of the recent Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials. Bonus feature: the trailer for the 8th Doctor audio adventure "Minuet in Hell," co-written and directed by Gary. Plus, in memory of actor and singer Hinton Battle (11/29/56-1/30/24), his performances as the demon Sweet from the classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Once More With Feeling."


February 2nd, 2024 Destinies is pre-empted by the WUSB Reggae Marathon

January 26, 2024 In Destinies' 39th annual memorial for the crews of the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, Evelyn Husband recalls the mission of STS-96, in part 14 of High Calling: The Courageous Life and Faith of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband. In memory of composer Laurie Johnson (2/7/27-1/16/24), you'll hear music from his scores for the TV series The Avengers and The New Avengers, and the films First Men in the Moon and Dr. Strangelove. Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthulhu" answers a letter from a man who is in love with his girlfriend's doll. Christina M. Rau reads her poem "A Very Small Man in the Labyrinth."


January 19, 2024 Live telephone interview with Patrick Thomas, who makes his 14th appearance in his capacity as an author, to discuss his anthology We Will Fight in the Stars: Tales of the 142nd Starborne. Find out how the 142nd Starborne came to be the future of the "Agents of the Abyss" universe, in which classic monsters are re-imagined and brought into the present day. Who is Major Hans Benedict, and how does he embody the phrase "Honor means sometimes having to disobey?" Learn what classic science fiction and horror properties served as inspirations for the stories in the collection. Plus, you'll hear an excerpt from the story "The Machine in the Ghost" read by the author and host Howard Margolin.


January 12, 2024 Actress Sophie Aldred returns for an update interview, recorded at Meglos 2022, more than 33 years after her last appearance. Best remembered as Ace, companion to the seventh Doctor Who, Sophie talks about the direction her career went after the original series ended in 1989; her love for hosting children's television shows; how it felt to bring Ace back for not only many Big Finish Audio projects, but also in the TV episode "The Power of the Doctor;" and her current and future productions on stage and television. Plus, you'll hear Sophie and host Howard Margolin performing a duet from one of their favorite musicals, Fiddler on the Roof. And, as a bonus feature, Sophie reads the prelude from her 2020 Doctor Who novel At Childhood's End, on the Destinies Audiobook Sampler.

January 5, 2024 The Destinies Film Review Team (Howard Margolin, Audrey Dettmering, Dave Campfield, and Timothy Gillespie) assembles live to list their five favorite and one least favorite science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, super-hero, and genre-adjacent films of 2023. Of the 116 movies up for consideration, will there be a consensus? Despite the trend towards "super-hero fatigue" at the box office in 2023, will any comic book adaptations make the best lists? What is considered "genre-adjacent" anyway? And what movies are the team looking forward to most in 2024?

   December 29, 2023 The Destinies Film Review Team (Howard Margolin, Audrey Dettmering, Dave Campfield, Timothy Gillespie) swims in for a live discussion of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." Find out how the second outing for the King of Atlantis stacks up, not only against his first solo adventure, from 2018, but compared to the other three DC movies that were released this year. Is there significant character development in this movie, and if so, for whom? How does the story address the real-world issue of climate change, something no other comic book movie has addressed? If this is Jason Momoa's last turn as Aquaman, might he make a better Lobo in the new DCU? And what is this movie worth on the Famous Destinies Zero to Nine Dollars Rating Scale?

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