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Welcome to Captphil Online

My "What's New" section has commentary and news presented in a sort of bloggy fashion when I get around to updating it.

My "Classic Adventures" section has convention reviews, audio and pictures from the Science Fiction, Comic Book and Media conventions I attend

My "Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction" section has an online archive of all the Destinies Radio shows broadcast from 2006 on. It also has select "Classic Destinies Radio shows" from the last 25 years

My "Space:1999" section celebrates the 1970's Science Fiction show, its cast and crew and the fans.

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On this site I will document my 25 years of attending Science Fiction conventions with the goal of making some of the recordings I have of those events available to those interested in researching Science Fiction and to keep the names of those authors, artists and fans I've met alive for the next generation of fans and pros.

I'll be commenting on the conventions I currently attend and what I think about those events, from the organization to the topics discussed. All of this and more will be on The Classic Adventures section of this site. Enjoy!

On my What's New page I'll be listing updates to this site and mention news and events that interest me. I'll try to update this "mini weblog" on at least a weekly basis, my inspiration for this is Mark Evanier's excellent weblog, NewsFrom ME which sets the standard for well written, readable and thought provoking weblogs to an almost unattainable height! Mark has a knack for making subjects I either know nothing about or thought I didn't care about irresistible. Thanks Mark.

Another great source of weblog inspiration is John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV in which John comments on all those subjects from my childhood which were about to be lost to me as I shamble into middle age. John's technique is to bring some of those old Saturday morning days back to me when I used to get up before my parents and watch all those great kids shows.

Captain Phil's Sci Fi Convention Picture Spotlight

John Wesley Shipp records a promo for
"Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction" at the April 2009
Chiller Theater Convention!

Suzy Mckee Charnas and Peter Straub
at Readercon 20, July 2009


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