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August 14th, 2006 7:45pm

Got the CD from Howard today so the Bear McCreary Battlestar Galactica interview is up at the Destinies page right here:
Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction

This coming Friday, August 18th Destinies will have my review of the POWYS Media Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus as part of the Destinies show.

Found some interesting music pages today, go check it out and give the music a listen.

Kyle Gann

Post Classic Radio

And here's a little more music. Interesting stuff!
Bud Ran Back Out

August 12th, 2006 1:28am

I just got home from New Jersey and I missed catching and recording Destinies tonight. I will have the Bear McCreary interview up on the Destinies page in the next couple of days but for now there is a Classic Destinies interview with Bear at the bottom of that page. Click here: Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction to check that out.

My review of the POWYS Media Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus is complete and recorded for air next week. A digital recording of me will be discussing why I like this book so much on August 18th, 2006 on WUSB 90.1 at 11:30pm. I really liked the editing job Howard did on this and what we used for background music. It was all very cool. Also on the same show is a Christopher DeFilippis, "DeFlip Side" on the new Star Trek film to be produced by J.J. Abrams which I listened to Chris record. He really gives some thoughtful suggestions for a new series of Trek films and hopefully will get to see some of that on screen. That's all for now, I have to recover from being in New Jersey. Gas was .27 cheaper there!

August 5th, 2006 12:40am

After reading my last screed I realize that many, many, many people probably don't care about Space 1999, don't know what it is or why I write so much about it here. So it's a stupid assumption on my part to think everyone who pops in WILL care or know what Space 1999 is. Sorry! On that note I'll try to stop mentioning the show in every What's New I write. Except to say that at some point this summer I'll be on Howard's radio show, Destinies, reviewing the Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus from POWYS Media!

Be sure to tune to Destinies next week for an interview with Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary.

And keep tuned to Destinies for my review, when I get a date for that show I'll post it here. I'll try not to type Space: 1999 too many times.

Speaking of Destinies the current show has been uploaded to the
Destinies page. Click on the blue words and enjoy!

July 30th, 2006 5:00pm

Welcome back to What's New! I've been busy with various things, mostly though enjoying my summer, swimming in the pool and the occasional job around the house. It's great but I already feel the tug of wanting to go back to work in September just to be on a human schedule again.

I've updated the Destinies pages with the complete interview with Christopher Reeve. Howard ended up filling in for a DJ last Friday and ran the entire interview so I just recorded the whole thing and put it up there as one big file. Enjoy it right here on the
Destinies page.

Last week I drove my wife and daughter into NYC to see the play, "Wicked" in the Gershwin Theater on 51st street. It was a girl scout trip but with the heat I decided it was a good idea to drive them instead of them taking the train and to save them some walking. I had four hours in NYC to kill though so I ran an errand over to the Empire State Building and on the way walked past the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square and the Virgin Mega-Store. This is a normal thing to do in Times Square but for me it was trip into the past remembering the great Space 1999 convention of 2000 at the Crowne Plaza and in 2002 the signing Gerry Anderson did over at the Virgin Mega-Store. I'll have pictures and audio from those events up at some point. Doing that walk (Both ways since I parked on 51st street) really brought me back to those two events, the first being the first Space 1999 convention I ever attended, and probably the best (save for the terrible way the organisers behaved and the financial problems the show had afterwards). Still it was a great three day event, jumping into the deep end of Space 1999 fandom and meeting just about everyone who was anyone on that show (Including Catherine Schell!).
The Catacombs has info on that convention in case your interested.

What is unfortunate is that those fans that came out for that show have been unable or unwilling to support the conventions that came afterwards. The 1999 and 2000 conventions showed there were people out there who had an interest in this but the numbers that followed for the 2001, 2002 (Canceled), 2003 and 2005 conventions were around 20% of the attendance of 1999 and 2000. Perhaps everyone is off "Playing with the Grown-ups" now as Barry Morse likes to say of his leaving the show after season one. The sad thing is the interest in conventions is so low out there that it won't even sustain a discusion on an email list or discussion forum! There is a convention planned for 2008 but only as a relaxacon with no guests coming over. That's a good plan because the financial support from the fans is not there. I wonder if they'll still hold it with 5 people attending though!

July 24th, 2006 10:00pm

I survived the Pokeman extravaganza from the other day. We got to wait in line for 90 minutes to get new characters for some of the gameboy games, got training certifcates (These are quite nice) some free stuff and watched my daughter and my nephew play the Pokeman card game. That was the best part. Then we waited on line to buy some Pokestuff in the Pokestore. The kids loved it. My feet hurt. My wife reminded me of how many times we waited in line for autographs from Harlan Ellison, David Prowse and John Norman. Yes THAT John Norman, he gave me an autographed typewriter ribbon spool and it's way cool! Probably the one from Warlords of GOR or something like that. So I guess I owed them one.

There are some updates all over my Space 1999 pages. Especially on the Earthbound convention page with new audio files and the program book from the con. Check all that fun out right here by clicking on the cool Space 1999 logo below!

One of my long term goals of my life has been achieved as captphilonline.com is now listed in the

directory of web sites! Now it's not part of the family of Space 1999 DOT net sites since this site isn't exclusively Space: 1999. It's further down in the links section, right here in the Links Web Sites (English language) section.

Now I know to you this seems like a tremendous waste of time and a silly goal but to me, it's something I've wanted to see since they started that directory. So thanks,

you made my day and maybe my summer!

July 22nd, 2006 1:30am

I have to go to sleep! Tomorrow I'm driving to Roosevelt Mall so my kids can see Pinkachoo (sp?) and a whole bunch of other Pokeman stuff. Yes, I know it's spelled Pokemon and pronounced Pokemon but I take special joy in pronouncing it PokeMAN because 32 years ago my father pronounce it Star TRACK instead of Star Trek just to piss me off. And the tradition continues!

Now grab a handkerchief and listen to the Christopher Reeve interview on the Destinies page. I had the pleasure of watching the first half (Up to Lois wondering if Supes CAN read her mind) of the 1978 Superman movie the other day (Instead of writing my review of the Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus which will be finished any day now...really) and really enjoying it all. And thinking the whole time how much Christopher Reeve has become Superman since his terrible accident all those years ago. You can't watch him in the movie without thinking that and listening to him in the Destinies interview brings it all back to me again tonight. Perfect timing for Howard to play this as our President vetoes his first bill ever, the Stem Cell research bill. We'll get that bill passed someday.

July 20th, 2006 11:30pm

Do you know what happened today 37 years ago?
Maybe this picture will jog your memory.


And check out this article by Buzz Aldrin and Rick Tumlinson over on Space.com
Apollo 11 Anniversary: Heroes, Quests and Space There's a lot of annoying things about living on Long Island. The price of gas, the traffic, the taxes and of course Long Islanders (just kidding!). But that Lunar Module was built in Bethpage, Long Island and every once in a while when I'm sitting on the LIE in a traffic jam that I think I'll never get out I think about those little lunar landers being built right here on Long Island.

And that's cool.

See some of the leftover LM's in person here at the Cradle of Aviation museum in Garden City, Long Island

I forgot to mention earlier in the week that there is a new Destinies show up featuring a great DeFlip Side on the fun of collecting Comic Books and a tribute to the late Robert Sheckley and the late Tim Hildebrandt. Check it out here: Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction They'll be more new Destinies tomorrow! In case I don't do a what's new there should still be a link up the radio page.

July 13th, 2006 5:50pm

I've updated the Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction page with last weeks review of Superman Returns. I've also moved a bunch of old Destinies shows off my website but there are instructions to get these in case you want to hear them. All is explained here on the Destinies Offline page. Also look for some pictures of the WUSB radio station there.

I finished watching the Doctor Who Empty Child story yesterday. I was surprised how the story ended and was genuinely surprised with the outcome. The Doctor hopped around the TARDIS shouting, "Nobody Died!" which was pretty funny. The real cool thing about this was watching with my 9 year old daughter who barely got over the weirdness of the Gas Masks stitched into peoples faces.

Thankfully there wasn't a real scary Doctor Who ending for this one otherwise she might have been scared away from the show completely. Still it was great fun explaining to her who Doctor Who is, what the TARDIS is, why Rose is smiling at Captain Jack so much and the ending in which we find......
Oh watch it yourself! Doctor Who Rocks!

Coming Soon: My review of the POWYS Media Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus, Pictures from Readercon 17 and Readercon 16
and some classic Space 1999 stuff.
Check out this link, way cool!

July 12th, 2006 3:50pm

Looks like I left too much time lapse in between updates here! First, there will be a new Destinies show uploaded in the next day or two since I was at Readercon last Friday while Howard was on the air. Sadly I missed being part of the Superman Returns review but in return I got to spent a terrific weekend in Burlington Mass and listen to some great SF writers like China Miéville, James Morrow and Thomas Disch. Not a bad tradeoff, eh?

Upcoming updates, a couple of pages of Readercon photos will be uploaded hopefully in the next 24 hours and with the ConCom's permission a little Readercon audio as well.

Also look for an overlong review of POWYS Media's Year Two Omnibus as I finally approach the last few pages of that terrific book.

Add to that my long overdue upload of the June Chiller Theater pictures and that audio (I WILL upload most of that audio, you'll love it!) Thanks for reading and.......Hi Pam!

June 24th, 2006 4:01pm

I've updated my Science Fiction convention schedule for the Summer and Fall over on my Classic Adventures page. I tried to use some more images, banners and bigger text. Check it out!

June 24th, 2006 1:26am

School's Out For Summer! And so begins hopefully a relaxing and productive summer vacation! I got lots of plans and hopes and if I get 50% of 'em done I'll be happy. My usual summer plan completion rate is around 14.3% so lets see what happens this year. In the next couple of days I plan on updating all those out of date pages, especially my Classic Adventures pages and upload more convention audio content. Hopefully a continuation of my podcasts will occur, I'll have to decide if podcasting is something I really want to do on this site. I enjoyed it but I'm loosing that burning desire to podcast that I had when I first began work on this site last January. So I need to rethink that and decide if I lost interest in podcasting or was just too busy to do anything with it since March.

There is a new Destinies show uploaded tonight, another Superman themed broadcast with the earliest Superman radio show from 1939. Listen online or download here:
Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction. And to continue the Super theme here is a picture of Noel Neill, The Original Lois Lane!

From the Chiller Theater Fall 2005 convention

And how about a picture of Margot Kidder from the Superman movies of the 1970's!

From the Chiller Theater Winter 2006 convention

I'll be attending Readercon next month and I'll try to get some stuff up about that in the next couple of days as well. Readercon is one of my favorite Science Fiction conventions and it's all about the authors and the books. So no TV Sci Fi Horror stuff there! I hope your not getting the impression this site is just about TVSF. The truth is most of the conventions I've attended since going online have been media but I like to read SF as much as watch it.

June 18th, 2006 7:40pm

Happy Fathers Day. And what would Fathers Day be without the POWYS Media Year Two Omnibus aka Y2O Paint Shop Pro'd into a bunch of other pictures! Enjoy!

"Give me your novels!"

"My Precious!"

"I don't care if you read it Straker, you're all still a bunch of sheep!" Maaa! Maaa!

"FAB! Y2O is GO!"

"Very Good POWYS"

"Tony Verdeschi used the Parker haymaker! Who knew!"

"My God! It's full of episodes!"

This has been the best Father's Day ever!

June 17th, 2006 12:50am

It's been a busy two weeks here at the Captain Phil underground headquarters. I've had several graduation ceremonies to do last week which, even after 19 years are still pretty intense as the students I teach are unique. That's always quite the emotional rollercoaster in addition to the fact that I have to play and run sound during these. Sometimes I just want to sit back and enjoy them. So I was too tired to and busy to do a What's New and update the start of Howard Margolin's radio show Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction even though I did upload the show on the Destinies page. Howard started a 4 part Superman celebration last week which continues this week. In addition to a great old Superman special there is Vol. 2 # 58 of "DeFlip Side" in which Chris discusses the Smallville series.


What does that music mean? It means there is a terrific interview with the 3rd Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee in the Classic Destinies section or just click this link!

Interview with Jon Pertwee (1919 - 1996)

Well that's it for What's New with Captain Phil for right now. One more week left then a nice long summer vacation. Keep in touch, I hope to have some more Superman related content online as Howard continues his super-themed quartet of Superman shows!

June 4th, 2006 11:15pm

I've finally uploaded this weeks episode of Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction. Captain Phil was there to review X-Men 3 The Last Stand along with the Destinies Film review team along with Christopher DeFilippis, Steve Lowenthal, and Audrey Dettmering. The reason for the delay was that I spent Saturday at the Chiller Theater convention in New Jersey. That was a tough show to do because Destinies usually wraps up around 1am and to get to Chiller Theater I need to leave the house around 7:30am. So I was a little tired but still had a good time. I would tell you about all the stars I met at Chiller but the highlight of Saturday was seeing my good friend Bill Latham. Bill and I spent a good couple of hours catching up on our life's stories, Bill spoke about the various books he's working on and he also filled me in on some of the Chiller guests he was interested in seeing. I also spent a good hour or two speaking with a lovely couple whose names I can't remember but we've established a friendship through seeing each other at these horror cons. This is one of the great things about Science Fiction and Horror conventions. You go to see a writer or actor and maybe buy some cool toy or DVD in the dealer room and you end up meeting some nice people to talk to. It sounds silly but some of my best convention memories are of me just hanging out with other fans and talking. And you couldn't ask for better people to talk to than Bill Latham and the couple whose names I can never remember! Check out Bill's books, he's a good writer and you'll enjoy reading his work.

Order these books from

and check out Bill's site here

June 2nd, 2006 9:15pm

I'm off to Stony Brook soon to be on Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction. Tonight we're going to review the new X-Men movie. Because of this late night and because tomorrow I'll be going to a convention I'll be updating the Destinies pages later in the weekend. I did manage to get my pool opened last weekend but it's June and it's been crazy at work so I haven't been able to update my pages as much as I would like to. But summer vacation is three weeks away and I have quite a bit of material to get online. Including pictures and audio from tomorrows convention! See you soon!

May 27th, 2006 12:45pm

There is a terrific new episode of Destinies up on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. This week to celebrate the opening of the new X-Men movie Howard interviews New X-Men creator Len Wein. Len is a terrific interview and this show is not to be missed. Also on the Destinies page is part two of War of the Worlds in the Classic Destinies section.
I have a lot more to write this weekend but I have to get my car serviced and open my pool in the Long Island tradition of opening our pools during Memorial Day weekend. If I don't drown I'll post more of what's new with Captain Phil tonight!

May 20th, 2006 9:45am

There is a new episode of Destinies up on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. This week Howard interviews Joseph LoDuca composer of the miniseries The Triangle. This program has some great music by LoDuca and some insight into his composition methods. Don't miss it! Also on the Destinies page is a new classic episode of Destinies from December 2005 with a Rockne S. O'Bannon interview which compliments the current episode nicely since O'Bannon wrote The Triangle.

I'm about a third through POWYS Media's Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus. I'm really enjoying whats been done with this material from the most controversial season of a television show ever produced. Mateo, Butterworth and the rest of the POWYS bullpen have gone over this material lovingly and breathed some new life into it. In many cases episodes like Catacombs of the Moon (Which I hated) became much more enjoyable in this book.

POWYS has just begun selling an additional 100 limited copies of this book making the entire run only 200 copies. A great limited edition collectable and at the same time a very enjoyable read!

May 15th, 2006 4:35pm

I found another great Renaissance video on UTube and thought anyone reading this might like to check them out. This one is one of my favorite songs, "Running Hard" which originally was done with more acoustic instruments. This recording done in 1983 has the Guitar part played on an electric. Different but still real good. Annie Haslam sounds terrific.

This is from the album

Turn of the Cards which is also really great.

May 13th, 2006 12:45am

May 13, 2006 12:45am

It's been a week since I last had the time and energy to do a new What's New! Sorry. Special Olympics was great but exhausting with one minor aggravation. In the foot races the official insisted on using a starter pistol. This is fine except if you have an eight year old handicapped son who is terrified of loud noises. And from what I saw that day a few more young Olympians had the same sort of trouble. The official insisted he had to follow New York state regulations for the race so I guess I'll have to figure out who writes those regulations and which elected official appointed them. After that a quick heart to heart on whether or not the elected official would like to continue to be elected in the future.

There's a new Destinies show up tonight at the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. This episode has a review of Charles Stross' The Atrocity Archives, some music from the DaVinci Code and a classic Science Fiction story, Jack Lewis' "Who's Cribbing?" This is a "recursive" Science Fiction story, a story about Science Fiction. There is a pretty huge body of recursive Science Fiction out there but the master of it is the great Barry Malzberg. (Barry also wrote under the name KM O'Donnell)

Barry has written some great recursive Science Fiction stories which include Gather in the Hall of Planets and Dwellers in the Deep. Check out his work here Barry N. Malzberg - Summary Bibliography

It's been a "heckofa" week and I have bunch of work to do this weekend so I won't even pretend to try to update anymore this weekend. If I'm lucky I'll get to a few items later on this week, there's some cool Space: 1999 content on the horizon, more Destinies and all those convention memories to work on! I will take a moment to say I won't be going to Balticon at the end of the month but I will attend Chiller Theater in June and Readercon in July. I'll try to do a big write up of Readercon and their Guest of Honor James Morrow when it gets a little closer.

May 6, 2006 12:30am

Destinies began it's 24th year of Science Fiction radio tonight with the conclusion of it's anniversary show. Check it out at the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. We're going to the Special Olympics this Sunday which is usually a good time for everyone. Besides the events there is a carnival set up and usually a local band or two. If you're looking to make a tax deductible contribution to a good organization Special Olympics is a good place to consider.

I watched this weeks Lost episode when it was actually on the air instead of waiting till later and playing it on TIVO. Wow! I was disappointed because I was enjoying the Hurley's girlfriend storyline plus I was truly curious to see why she was in the institution with him. I'm sure this isn't all happening in Hurley's head though but if we get to the finale of the show and we have an ending that has the Man from Atlantis stepping out of the shower in Dallas I'll probably be pissed off.

Hey! I used to have that book! I think I read it but I don't remember if it was any good. I'll probably end up getting it at the next convention I go to. I had forgotten Man from Atlantis has one of them there way cool super subs that "surface" in Science Fiction television from time to time. No one gets over Jules Verne!

Not much new to report with the POWYS Media Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus. Mateo has mailed out most of the books by now but reports of their delivery on the various Space 1999 email lists have been few and far between except for us Powys diehards. I suggest when Powys publishes the Year One Omnibus they ought to come up with some delivery gimmick that will make people really want to talk about getting this long awaited limited edition book. Hmmmm....I wonder.....

May 2nd, 2006 9:55pm

Well look at that, a bit of delay in this edition of What's New with Captain Phil. Things did get busy here but I did upload the latest Destinies show over on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. This one is the big anniversary show with a new edition of DeFlip side, some of Howard's author interviews over the year and some great music. I'm loving maintaining that page of Destinies broadcasts, it's great fun "being involved" with the show on this small level and I'm kicking myself for all the years I didn't keep up with Destinies even though it was always available to me over the air and later streaming through my PC. Then again things do happen in their own time and at this point in my life I can really enjoy the show and all the work Howard puts into it. And there are archives and archives of tapes out there. I feel like Burgess Meredith but with an MP3 player!

My friend Joel got an email through to me on the site as I sat here for 4 months wondering why I don't get any email. Simple...I put the wrong email address in all my links and web buttons. Terrific. Here I am trying to be hip and cool with my own podcast and blog and a stupid mistake like that makes me look like the world's biggest
Well I would love to hear from you and the email is captphil@captphilonline.com
Looks like I fulfilled my lifelong goal to be a perfect ass!

I'm continuing to read POWYS Media's wonderful Year Two Omnibus. For those of you who are into Space 1999...and who isn't, my friend Mateo has edited this book (along with the rest of the POWYS Bullpen) into a fine product to stand alongside the DVD sets and other books and collectibles. One standout for me is the fact that even though these are novelizations of scripts you don't get tired of the format at all. In fact the current one I'm reading, "Brian the Brain" is a vast improvement on the episode because I don't have to listen to Brian's annoying voice! If I can get my act together I'll be doing a general podcast in the next couple of days on the new POWYS Year Two book, the latest issue of FAB, my thoughts on the new Network Release of Space 1999 and more! Makes your life exciting wondering if I'll actually get to that recording doesn't it?

I watched Stephen Colbert make 20 minutes seem like a year for the people at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner dinner on Saturday night. Try to pick this up on C-SPAN if you can find it or see how long the Video links last here on my page. Colbert was absolutely wonderful and no one was safe at that event. Most importantly he gave us another chance to hear Helen Thomas' famous question to President bush.

I've removed the Colbert links as they seem to have stopped working.

April 22nd, 2006 12:55am

I've updated the Destinies page with the latest show on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. It's a live show with Horror author Scott Nicholson talking about his latest book. Also updated is the Classic Destinies section of that page with a 2004 interview with Scott. Interesting stuff, check it out. The Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus now has a Jacket!

Space 1999 Catacombs

Find out about
Jackets on the Moon here

Well, the book doesn't have that type of jacket (For some reason I find this whole Space 1999 Jacket/Year Two Omnibus book jacket idea terribly witty) it has this jacket!

And I read online that the pre-ordered books are being shipped out this weekend! Terrific! I wish I had more time to read this week but Spring Break is over and while I bask in the glow of getting my basement cleaned out the reality is we're all back to the grindstone this week and it's a long haul to summer vacation. So this week has been tough. I did have time to catch up with my Desperate Housewives episodes I had TIVO'd. These had gotten better again with Bree's life taking a turn for the more interesting. I also made time to watch two old LOST episodes so I'm up to the welcome return of Mira Furlan! Wonderful! Mira is terrific in this show and I wish her well after her many years of being Minbari on Babylon 5

Mira Furlan and Pat Tallman at Chiller Theater
October, 2004

We're celebrating my son's 8th birthday this weekend and if you know anything about my son this is quite the miracle. That's about it for What's New right now but please note I will be removing some files in the near future so if you want to grab the available Destinies shows....this week is the week to do it!

April 15th, 2006 12:35pm

Happy Income Tax Day! I've uploaded the latest Destinies show which on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page. I've also rearranged the order of the Destinies broadcasts so the latest show is at the top of the page instead of at the bottom. I noticed over on the ICON convention website when they linked to my page of pictures the link was at the bottom of the page and the older links (Links for ICON 24) were at the top! So for a week I assumed the ICON Webmaster never got my link email! Once I scrolled down I saw a link to my glorious site and since everything has to be about me... I was happy! So I figured if it annoyed me to scroll to the bottom of a page to find a new link it probably annoys one or two other people out there. For those two people I've rearranged the order of the files on the Destinies page. I've also changed the navigation buttons on the left side of the pages so that there all the same. You'll still have to dig into the Classic Adventures page to get to the convention pictures and audio files stuff but I think for now that's okay.

I'm still reading and enjoying POWYS Media Space: 1999 Year Two Omnibus. Today I was reading the segment for the episode The Taybor. The neat thing about this is was a story left out of the original novelizations in the 1970's so Michael Butterworth "novelized" the script for this edition. I was half way through the story when I realized this. And knowing that makes the reading twice as enjoyable. Since I've been on vacation this week I've also had plenty of time to discuss the book with my friend Mateo which usually devolve into wacky fannish discussions and silly "what if" scenarios. I can't remember the time when I became friends with Mateo, it had to be at some point in the 1990's through email. I did meet him in person in 2000 at the Main Mission convention in NYC but there was so much going on there I feel that anyone I talked to at that convention I didn't give enough time to. Well we've kept in touch since then and the discussions we've had on Science Fiction, Music, Politics, raising families have been great.

Also great is Mateo's "Bullpen" of writers who work on this labor of love. John Muir, Bill Latham and Jonathan Blum have made the entire Space 1999 line of books something special and I think years from now, when the whole line is out of print, they'll be highly sought after collectors items. Well I wanted to finish cleaning my basement tonight but instead I stayed upstairs, edited this site and watched Doctor Who. You should watch Who Too!

April 9th, 2006 11:15pm

I finally got around to uploading last Friday's Destinies show on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page! Sorry it took so long. Check out the reading of a Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) short story on the show. Lem died on March 27th, 2006 at the age of 84. Also check out Voltaire's ICON 24 performance and then follow this link, let the Macromedia load and then click on MP3 Downloads to listen to some of his Banned on Vulcan Star Trek music online. There is plenty of profanity in these so turn the speakers down if you are at work and send the kids to bed before pressing play!

I'm enjoying POWYS Media's Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus very much. To get this book at the beginning of Spring Break and not having any travel plans at all this year makes for perfect excuse not to do any work around the house. Thanks POWYS! I'm into the "4th Episode" of the book, All That Glisters which was a pretty dim episode. I've talked to Mateo about this episode which he defends. I see his point with his love of Magic Realism and the concept of a "Sentient World" in Science Fiction. It's just that the actual episode had some pretty poor dialog and some really funny faces by Martin Landau.

I guess my problem is I get terribly distracted by all that and I can't see the science fiction buried down there somewhere beneath all that hoo ha. (Is hoo ha a word? I'll have to Google it later) Speaking of Martin Landau I have tons of Martin Landau material that need to be cleaned out of my TIVO unit. I've been using the TIVO wishlist option and TIVO finds Martin in all sorts of things like an old episode of Gunsmoke or the Columbo he did in the early 1970's as a twin or even a recent appearnce on the Tavis Smiley show. I'll have to add a page of Martin Landau framegrabs linked to my Space 1999 pages once I get these recorded properly. I'm recording Martin in "In the Beginning" right now in which he played Abraham. This was the project that the director
Kevin Conner spoke to the fans about at Main Mission 2000 in September 2000. Not only was Kevin a director from Space 1999, he also had the great Keith Wilson as his art director. Keith is one of the great talents of Space: 1999 and the shows that came before it. You can see his influence all over the Gerry Anderson puppet shows like Captain Scarlet through Space: 1999.

So that's a pretty good ramble. I think I'm going to read some more before I get too tired. Thanks for finding out what's new with Captain Phil!

April 7th, 2006 10:00pm

I've changed the Classic Destinies episode on the Destinies WUSB 90.1 page to the first appearance of Christopher DiFilippis on the show. It's quite good but has a little static. Stick with it.

Remember a few days ago I got a really great phone call? Well today I got a really great package!

My good friend, Mateo Latosa sent this unsigned test copy of the Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus to see how long it would take to cross the country and what condition it would arrive. It got here no problem. (Mateo even had my address misspelled and it still got here!)
Why all this fuss over novelizations of a TV Show that went off the air in 1977? Simply his persistence and vision that Space 1999 was much more than those early reviewers told you. Mateo gave these novelizations of the show a second chance at life. When the show was on the air these novels were written quickly to be on the shelf at the same time the show was on the air. Now, thirty years later the text of these original novelizations were carefully edited for continuity with what was on the air during the second season and the first season of the show. Michael Butterworth went through the stories as did a team of editors to catch all the old continuity problems that were missed years ago. Wrapped in a glossy black hardcover, adorned with silver lettering in a limited signed edition of 100 copies (sold out) or another 100 unsigned copies soon to be on sale, the Space 1999 Year Two Omnibus is the book fans have been waited thirty years for.

Mateo's publishing company, POWYS MEDIA has four other Space 1999 novels out plus a novel based on the cult TV series The Prisoner.
Check it all out here.

April 6th, 2006 10:30pm

I've finally uploaded a new Podcast over on the podcast page. Check it out Captain Phil's Podcast

I'm not happy with the length of the review, it logs in at 50 minutes but it covers just about everything I did at ICON so it's a pretty complete picture of the areas of ICON that interest me.

I'm getting used to the idea of not "maintaining" a major email list anymore and I'm spending more time enjoying what I read on the internet and not worrying about
"the direction of the mailing list." Of course I miss it but I'm using the extra time to upload and organize content on this site which is something I've wanted to do for years. I especially wanted to have some sort of record of which conventions I've been to and what happened there. My own Immortal Storm so to speak!

Robert Wilfred Franson review

Okay! Spring Break is coming and hopefully so are more updates and maybe a podcast NOT ABOUT a Science Fiction convention? Look for more news, some great Destinies material and possibly my yard sale. All this and more on Captain Phil Online!

April 3rd, 2006 9:00pm

I signed off ownership of Online Alpha today around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I had been owner since sometime in the summer of 2000. More about Online Alpha is on my Space: 1999 pages or look at Space: 1999.net for tons of great information and terrific sites.

I feel a little strange without it, like I just amputated my left ear or gave up drinking coffee. Still I didn't create that list and it truly wasn't mine to keep and it was time to go. Actually it was time to go last November but don't tell anybody that!

I read over on MaryAnn Johanson's excellent Blog about the new Doctor Who. Check it out here at
Geek Philosophy She's managed to get my interest with this post as it reads like a very good convention panel on a media topic. The best part is there is no audience to interrupt her with inane questions or theories, just her ideas alone. Nice. I'm enjoying the New Doctor Who, I hope it will keep me busy until the New Battlestar Galactica returns. The New BSG is an amazingly good show which by it's writing twists alone have held my interest. There have been some blunders along the way but I'm stuck with it now because I want to know what the plan is.

I promised an ICON Podcast review this weekend and I'm a jerk I don't have it done. I'm putting my taxes together tonight so I won't get to it until tomorrow. I know everyone is dying to hear me opine about ICON, check out the latest Destinies show for a preview of my ideas along with 7 other peoples ideas that were way more coherent than mine!

Okay, I got my calculator and my legal size envelopes! Atomic batteries to power....turbines to speed...to the Taxmobile Robin!

April 2nd, 2006 10:00pm

I decided to stay home so I missed out on seeing Frank Miller over at the NYC Comic Con. Spent the day updating my Space 1999 pages reading some weblogs and had a great telephone call. More on that call near the end of the week.

April 1st, 2006 3:00pm

I had a great time on Howard Margolin's radio show last night and met a some new people as well. Listening to the file I again find myself tripping over my words and not being too concise. I did write up some notes but I think making a simple outline would have served me better, probably like a lesson plan with the points I wanted to present in order of importance. That's something I didn't think of when I was preparing for the show but that's also what makes doing these thing so much fun, hearing yourself and doing a little self-critique. I didn't expect Howard to call on me first and that threw me a little bit. Still I think I got most of my ideas across on ICON 25 and it's such a fun fannish thing to do these, sitting around a table with other fans and pros talking Science Fiction.

I've uploaded that show here: 
Destinies WUSB 90.1

and I've also uploaded an ICON 25 page in my
Classic Adventures section
right here:
ICON 25 March 24th - 26th, 2006
Captphil's ICON 25 Pictures and Audio Files!

I've bogged down in my reading of
Stephen King's Cell as the story slows down a bit. What was an interesting and suspenseful story has become less interesting the more I learn about the "Phone Crazies". Too bad. I'll finish the book but unless something really wild happens soon I think I'll rate this one alongside King's lesser works.

The Big Apple Comic Con is this weekend with special guest Frank Miller. I'm thinking about going tomorrow but with the switch over to
Daylight Saving Time and some things to do around the house I might not do it. Still I'm a week away from Spring Break so I may tough it out for the drive into NYC to see him.

Friday morning I was listening to the Rachel Maddow show on the Air America radio network. The station I receive best at home is
WAVZ The Voice New Haven
which doesn't always follow the same format as the main AAR station in New York. Rachel Maddow's show took over the morning drive slot from Morning Sedition which was a terrific morning show and in my opinion really could have added more audience had it been left alone by
Air America Managment But thats all water under the bridge now and Friday Morning (remember Friday Morning?) Rachel had on musician Henry Rollins who has a TV show on the Independant Film Channel. I've heard Henry speak before on the Howard Stern show and I remember a wild performance of his on one of the Grammy broadcasts so I'm planning on setting the TIVO for The Henry Rollins Show on the Independent Film channel tonight at 10pm. Check it out and let me know what you think. Rachel Maddow's show is good, has good information but the old Morning Sedition show had hit the spot with comedy and current events that was just right for a morning drive radio show.
I miss it.

March 31st, 2006 12:30am

I've begun putting up my Space 1999 pages with a little bit of content to get it all started. I'm working to get all my ICON material online this weekend which will include pictures, panel audio, another Destinies show and a Podcast. I've also realized that my link buttons on my pages are all in an odd order so I'll have to fiddle with that. I feel that ol' OCD kicking in right about now!

March 29th, 2006

I had a great time at ICON 25 this past weekend. Howard Margolin will have me and a few other people on his radio show, Destinies- The Voice of Science Fiction this Friday at 11:30pm. I will archive the show to listen to later in case you'd rather go out and have fun, sleep or watch Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs during the broadcast. I'll also upload a Podcast review of the convention right after that Destinies broadcast so you may want to check that out as well.

I had one annoyance at ICON this year, the gal who also runs the mic's for the Star Trek guests decided she wanted to stay in my line of sight during my videotaping. When I asked her to move she came over and lectured me on how I needed to have a permit to videotape at ICON. I looked over all the ICON publications there and there was no notice of this in the ICON program book or schedule. There is also no notice of this on the official ICON website.

My recommendation to the committee of ICON is loose this gal in the blue power suit who pretty much takes over the Q&A sessions with the media guests, plugs her own projects during the convention and whose voice curdles milk. In my opinion...of course.

March 25th, 2006

Destinies WUSB 90.1 page updated with this weekends show featuring the live at ICON Mystery Guest Special. I'm going to be at ICON all weekend so this is probably my only update for the weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to make some time to do a Podcast review of the convention sometime next week. Probably....hopefully!

March 21st, 2006

Destinies WUSB 90.1 page finally updated with the March 17th Episode of Destinies. Sorry this was late, between work and getting hooked on the new King book it's taken longer to get the Destinies page updated.
ICON 25 is this coming weekend expect the March 25th episode to also take a little while to get uploaded.

March 20th, 2006

I started reading Stephen King's Cell last night instead of uploading the new Destinies episode. I'll try to get it done tonight...hopefully before I open that book again, I was 40 pages in so far and it gave me a nightmare! In the mean time here is a music video from one of my favorite bands
(High Speed connections probably required), Renaissance

March 17th, 2006

I'm going to Lunacon 2006 tomorrow bright and early so I probably won't be up late tonight to upload this weeks Destinies episode. I ought to have show up before the end of the weekend though so don't despair and have a great
St. Patricks Day!

Martian Pot 'O Gold

March 12th, 2006

I was Link of the Week, March 6th over at John Muirs excellent blog! Thanks John! You're the best!

March 12th, 2006

Captain Phil's Podcast page now online with my first Podcast!

Captain Phil's Podcast March 12th, 2006

March 11th, 2006

Destinies WUSB 90.1 page updated with a new Episode of Destinies

March 10th, 2006

I've changed my banner pictures on most of my pages thanks to my good friend Mike over at http://space1999.org/
Mike did a terrific job but if you miss my cut and paste hack jobs a few of them are still floating around Captain Phil Online.
I've also changed the
Classic Destinies episode to an old ICON 23 preview show with lots and lots of music. Check it out!

March 4th, 2006 11:00am

I've uploaded the song Two Gun Tex from Four Feather Falls to answer a question about...Two Gun Tex. Click on the link to play....
Two Gun Tex

March 4th, 2006 12:55am

Destinies WUSB 90.1 page updated with the Andreas Katsulas Memorial episode of Destinies. If you enjoy Destinies please drop the host, Dr. Howard Margolin an email at DestiniesVoice@aol.com and let him know!

March 3rd, 2006

As I write this it is 11:40pm on Friday and I am listening and recording the Andreas Katsulas memorial on Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction. I noticed some buzz about this show on the rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated newsgroup. I even saw a link to my site there! Way Cool. Unfortunately it takes very long for my posts to show up there....if ever. So if you are logging onto Captphilonline.com tonight from reading that link that I didn't post....please be patient, I will have the MP3 up sometime tonight probably around 1am EST.

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