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August 18th, 2006

My review of the POWYS Media Space 1999 Year Two is uploaded on it's own page and it's also part of the August 18th episode of Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction. Access to all Space 1999 news items by clicking the Space 1999 logo below!

July 24th, 2006

The Earthbound 2006 convention pages are more or less complete.
I've uploaded 3 Guest of Honor Speeches

Barry Morse: Sound quality is okay, noisy in the beginning but settles down around 5 minutes in. The audio set up was very tinny and the speaker was a ceiling speaker in the front of the room.

Kathryn Leigh Scott: This talk has lots of comments and questions from the audience who were closer to the camera than Kathryn was. So when there is a question, it's loud!

Shane Rimmer: This is the best sounding talk in terms of volume but the audio set up made it sound tinny. Completely understandable, Shane held the mic close to his face and everyone heard him.

For all convention audio adjusting your own bass and tone controls will give you the best sounding results. Hopefully it will give you the option of having a "portable convention" in your MP3 player than you can listen to in your car, while jogging or working out.

Program book scans: The program book looks good when your holding the book in your hands. As a scan it was tough to maintain a decent file size while keeping the pages legible. So the text is readable but the scans are there mostly to give you an idea on what the book looked like.

Convention Fan Fiction book: This book was limited to 50 copies and is sold out.

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