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New York Comic Con 2008 Report and Photos!


Friday, April 18th I arrived in New York City late for the convention after a busy hectic day at work (Spring Concert!). With the Pope in the city I was completely on the fence about driving in for a few hours convention fun if it meant sitting in traffic for hours.

While the expressway was busy once I got into Manhattan driving was smooth sailing. Apparently everyone was either drawn towards the Pope or the Pope had driven everyone else away.

Perfect situation for a Science Fiction fan! After spending my children's college fund on a parking garage near the Javits Center I made it to the convention by 6:00pm

Batman was the first to greet me on Friday!

After getting my badges (I was able to get badges and schedules for my whole family even though I was there alone on Friday, at the smaller I-Con convention they will not give one family member all the memberships you pay for, you have to have everyone present, even if they're children).

The first panel I attended in the IGN Theater was the

MOCCA Presents Ralph Bakshi - Unfiltered panel.
This included Jon M. Gibson and Chris McDonnell authors of the upcoming book Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi, Jon M. Gibson and Chris McDonnell

Ralph Bakshi


This was a pretty lively panel which careened from a discussion of Bakshi's art and film work to Hollywood politics to real politics and race relations. Last year the New York Comic Con released all of their panels in podcast MP3 format and I'm hoping they do the same this year. This Bakshi panel was a great start to the convention.


I sat in the IGN theater not believing I was in New York City listening to the great Ralph Bakshi while just a few short hours earlier I was working in a High School in Stony Brook. Strange Days indeed!


Ralph Bakshi, Jon M. Gibson and Chris McDonnell



The panel ended with me wanting to see Bakshi's films again and also find the ones I missed. The book looks really interesting as well and I'm sorry I didn't rush to the show floor to buy an autographed copy.

New York Comic Con 2008 Program Book panel description:

Known for his fierce independence and radical approach to filmmaking, Ralph Bakshi is legendary in cartooning and animation circles around the world. His groundbreaking works have influenced countless animators and such contemporary directors as Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, and Peter Jackson.

Bakshi redefined cartooning with his back alley vernacular and distinctive satire in such films as Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, American Pop, Fire & Ice, and Cool World. Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi is the first and only book chronicling the career of this animation pioneer.

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