Posted November 18th, 2007 11:45 am

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Re: Oh they arrived just after I left

I got to see Mira, it had to be early on after we arrived on Saturday. She was right next to the down escalator sitting next to the guy from Lost and I think some of the Wrestling guests. I didn't realize Katey Sagal had cancelled although it's updated on the con website now. I wish someone at the show, Captain Z or Mike (I think that was Mike up there) said during the panels Katey had cancelled. BUT for the panels they brought up Gigi Edgley instead who was funny, pretty and nice and also someone who I had never seen in person. Also Walter Koenig did a long Q&A session, I thought he wasn't going to stay because the questions took a while to get going but he did and it was one of the best appearences at a con I've seen from him.

Did Patricia Neal show up? I wanted to get my DVD of The Day The Earth Stood Still signed but I didn't see her at any time during the show.

The Marvel panel was great, standing at Sergio Argones table and speaking to him was great. Waiting to get some books signed by Mark Evanier was not great as he seemed to be in a super hurry and even after standing there for 20 minutes while he spoke to the other pros (And could see me) it came off poorly when he did manage to sign. I felt like a nuisance instead of a regular reader and fan of his work. Same for Trimpe who I interrupted while he was drawing Wolverine, he seemed pretty pissed off that I was there. I tried to get Neal Adams autograph but he was delivering a science lecture to a couple of fans! ; - )

Other than that it was a pretty good day, the panel room was great with a view of NYC, the river on one side, the Empire State Building on the cool is that? All the panels I saw were very good with the only problems being a poor sound system (Surprising for a Big Apple Con) and the Jedi Sword class next door doing their yelling. I wish some of the media guests had been signing upstairs in the same room as Hayden, there seemed to be enough room for a few more guests up there and perhaps the sword demos could have gone somewhere else???

Hallways were crowed as usual, the best media guest of them all was Gigi Edgley who made up for the cancellations and the various bumps I listed above. I think I like a Big Apple con with less guests instead of more. This almost seemed like a Chiller theater con in some ways and those can have a tendency to leave a bad taste in your mouth unless you go with low expectations. I hope they have another show in the Spring and it's more of a "Classic" BAC instead.

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